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3 Things a Car Salesman Should Avoid to Say

08/10/2015 19:54:45
3 Things a Car Salesman Should Avoid to Say
There are words a car seller should never use speaking with a customer. Selling cars carefully choose your words and never deny the buyer's point of view.

A successful car salesman should pay attention to every word he/she says, as words are the most important professional tool of a car trader. It is useless to remind that a good auto seller should be eloquent, expressive, fluent, convincing and polite. A couple of poorly chosen words can take your customer from trusting, friendly and cooperative to cold, distant and withdrawn. For some people the ability to choose and filter their words comes naturally, but for others this skill needs to be developed. When you start selling cars you will quickly realize that choosing your words is an essential car salesman skill that can really impact your salary and commissions.



So are there any words or patterns a car salesman should never use in his/her speech with a customer? Well, we think there are and we suggest some of them in our article.

1. A car trader should never directly disagree with the potential customer, so that phrases like "You are wrong" or "I don't agree with you" are strictly forbidden. 
No one feels good when someone tells you are wrong. You will never listen to the advice of this people. Even if you were wrong you don’t want someone telling you that you are wrong. Car salesmen that tell their customers they are wrong will greatly lessen their chances of selling a car. Customers may be commonly wrong about lots of things, but if their error is not critical to your sale then leave it alone, let them think what they want. But if you absolutely must prove to them that they are wrong don’t be the bad guy, use a third-party information source. Use the Internet, use a brochure or use a calculator, but don’t be the one that says they are wrong. You need to be on their side not against them.

2. Even if the car seller have been negotiating for an hour and have already given the customer the best offers, he/she should avoid the phrase "That's the best deal!". The word deal can be considered a negative term by some people. A deal is usually a something that is made by two people casually, illegally or under the table, but not professionally. You are a professional engaging in a legitimate business transaction and it should feel that way to your customer. When you say, "That’s the best deal" to your customer it also says it’s time for them to go home because we are done here.  They might accept the offer (rarely), but usually they start thinking about where they are going to go next and buy a car because you told them that was the best deal.

3. If you want your business to go on wheels, never deny any possibility to develop it. Don't say "NO", don't argue back to anything, don't refuse any suggestion. People don’t like hearing a point blank "NO". The word "No" can also be taken as we don’t want to. We don’t care about what you want and were not going to give it to you. The word "No" makes it all sound so final and cold. Even if the answer is "No" don’t say "No". Trying saying sorry we can’t because we gave you all the money, there is nothing left to give. To most people No means No and its time to leave. 



There are plenty of other things that the car salesman shouldn’t say when they’re trying to sell car. However most of them can fit in to one of the above categories. We left out the obvious insults because it's pretty clear that insulting your customer wouldn’t help you make a sale. Make a conscious effort to choose your words carefully when comunicating with car shoppers. Gradually it will become a habit and you'll find your original caption words that will help you sell more cars, create a be-back and enjoy your job.


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